Women charged with lewdness at 52 Lounge


On Friday September 5th, the West New York Police Department received an anonymous call from a woman who said as she walked by the 52 Lounge on 5207 Bergenline Avenue she observed a female inside wearing only lingerie and appeared to be giving a male a lap-dance.

Detective Sergeant Juan Nunez, Detective Thomas Mannion, Detective Victor Montano, Detective Karriem Shaba, Detective B. Fontanez, Detective W. Oms, Officer Carlos Henriquez, Officer M. Barrera, Officer F. Rodriguez and Detective Carlos Mateos further investigated.

The officers confirmed what the anonymous caller witnessed. The female wearing only lingerie was Mirna Alcantar, 35, of Union City at the entrance of the bar.

Two other women, Stephanie Osorio, 23, of Union City and Yrma Duarte-Vasquez, 38, of West New York ran into the bathroom. Another female, Maritza Diaz, 34, of West New York was seated on a table wearing a Polo type shirt with tan color panties.

Detective Mateos obtained the premises bar license [Plenary Retail Consumption License], gathered all bartenders and employees’ information, along with their bar licenses.

Diaz, Alcantar, Duarte-Vasquez and Osorio were arrested for lewdness and transported to headquarters for processing.




Jillian Risberg, HCTV


  1. Ten cops responded to a call about a woman in lingerie doing a lap dance! rofl. Was there a mad dash to the front door?! lol Sorry, but that’s funny. :-)

    • West New York’s finest are quick to act, lolol. Now the WNY PD is being sued by one of there own for discriminating a gay police officer

    • The snitch was a lady called Milena, she lives next door to the place. She is jealous that these girls look better than her.

      • First of all, you are an evil person to say the lady’s name and put her in danger. EVIL is what you are! I suspect you are one of those ladies that got arrested and are just now trying to get her into trouble as a pay back. This would mean that not only you are an immoral person but you are also an EVIL one. The latter is much worse.
        And by the way, I don’t know you but I would bet you are not as beautiful as you think. And you are wrong when you say that the one who called the police did it out of jealousy. There are some decent women in the world, both ugly and beautify and in between. And calling the police would be something that a decent person would do. But I don’t expect you to understand the word “decent.”

        The next time you want to do something like that, make sure nobody is watching.

        • Hey Erica, if you don’t like it turn your head and don’t look, plain and simple! I have met many religious people that spend mondays thru saturdays sinning and then looking for forgiveness every Sunday. A bunch of hypocrites is what you are. And for your information that Milena person is known in the neighborhood for being a nosy chismosa! So before you defend someone find out the facts first. Now you look very stupid for sticking up for someone who really is evil.

    • Sir,
      You may express your opinion but, must you call people’s names and must you blaspheme? If you are a believer, you better go and ask God for forgiveness because you have greatly offended HIM.
      As far as people having fun, sure they can, but nobody has to see those acts. If they want to do them, they need to make sure no human eye can see them.