Zimmer: I felt pressure for development before Lt. Governor threatened me, U.S. Attorney General investigating in Hoboken. Zimmer continued her media tour on Monday night, showing CNN’s Anderson Cooper a letter in April that asked the Governor’s office to separate development and Hurricane Sandy aid. She also told The Star Ledger the U.S. Attorney General was interviewing people in Hoboken.


  1. Mayor Zimmer, you are a good public servant to your constituents, and a hero for speaking truth to power. Congratulations to you and your planning board in standing up to the developers’ desire for tax abatements which short change our public school students because tax abatement recipients pay NO school taxes and only 5% of the Payment in Lieu of Taxes goes to the county. WNY voters please vote for Patrick Cullen and Alcibiades Cifuentes and we will do all within our authority, scope, and influence to ensure our school district can get a voting interest in all future abatement considerations. Read State Comptroller Boxer’s Aug 2010 on line availanle to read report ” A Programmatic Examination of Municipal Tax Abatements.” These 4,000+ abatements, given mostly by then Mayor Sires with 100% blessing of his town administrator and curdent Weehawken Mayor Turner, which paid NO increase in their taxes on 2009 when our non abated properties had to foot a huge tax increase, which never returned to 2007 levels because if the abatements AND because then Mayor Sires punted virtually ALL of the multi million dollar debt of the old WNYMUA (sewer authority) into the laps of his successors
    Vote 1/28/14 for reformers Patrick Cullen and Akcibiades Cifuentes for WNY Bd of Education Trustees.