Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato reports a total of eleven people, ten from Brooklyn and one from Bayonne, which includes one juvenile, have been arrested on a slew of weapons, ammunition and burglary charges.  The arrests came yesterday in two separate incidents at the same location, 430 Memorial Boulevard in Bayonne.  Arrested in the first incident were:  

  • Rasheed Anifowoshe, age 20, of Brigham Street in Brooklyn
  • Shaquan Francis, age 25, of E. 92nd Street in Brooklyn
  • Jaquan Fraser, age 23, of Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonnae
  • Gishanie D. Gray, age 19, of Hendrix Street in Brooklyn
  • Khalil Irving, age 20, of Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn
  • Zaire Oneal, age 23 of Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn
  • Kevin Owuso, age 19 of Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn
  • and a male juvenile, age 17 of Brooklyn

The above individuals were taken into custody at 11:42 am from 430 Memorial Boulevard.  Captain Amato says Bayonne officers responded to an apartment on a report of a disturbance where there was mention of a gun, and a child could be heard crying.

Upon arrival, officers knocked on the door several times but the occupants refused to open the door.  While these officers attempted to have the occupants open the door, officers outside of the complex observed a male push out the screen from a window of the apartment in, what appeared to be, an attempt to flee the apartment.  During this time, a second male emerged from the apartment onto the balcony where officers ordered him to open the front door and allow the officers in.

Amato continued that the officers were able to force their way into the apartment after being met with non-compliance from the occupants.  Once inside, officers located 7 males seated on the floor and officers continued their investigation.  As officers attempted to clear the apartment and confirm if a child was present and in danger, they located an eighth individual hiding in a closet and also recovered 2 defaced handguns and 2 large capacity magazines loaded with hollow point ammunition from the bathroom.

Police also observed and recovered numerous credit cards bearing the names of unknown individuals that were not present and 2 fraudulent drivers licenses.  As the investigation continued, it was determined that none of the eight individuals listed above had authorization to be in the apartment and were all subsequently taken into custody.  During the arrest process, the juvenile provided false pedigree information to officers and was charged accordingly.  A child was never located inside of the apartment.            

The charges filed against the arrestees are:

  • Criminal Mischief
  • Burglary
  • Credit Card Theft
  • Obstruction of a Governmental Function
  • Possession of a Defaced Firearm
  • Possession of Hollow Point Bullets
  • Possession of a Large Capacity Magazine
  • Unlawful Possession of a Handgun
  • Resisting Arrest (Anifowoshe only)
  • and Hindering Apprehension (Juvenile only)

At 4:07 pm, officers responded back to the same location and arrested the following people:    

  • Dwayne Burnett, age 24 of Loring Avenue in Brooklyn
  • Raffiq Isaacs, age 23 of Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn
  • and the only female, Emmanuelle Jean-Bart, age 21 of East 39th Street in Brooklyn

The above listed individuals were taken into custody from the area of 430 Memorial Boulevard, as police responded back to this location on a report of a burglary in progress involving a male, who Captain Amato says was observed climbing to the second floor balcony.  As officers responded to the same apartment as four hours earlier, they were met by Jean-Bart.  Officers also located Burnett and Isaacs inside as well.  The on-scene investigation confirmed that the three had no authority to be in the apartment and were taken into custody.

They were subsequently charged with Burglary.