130 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Jersey City 2 found DOA under investigation and 1 Death last night at Christ Hospital, Fulop says

Based on John Hopkins testing data it looks like nationally there is a 15% positive rate but here in NJ/NY we are testing positive between 20-30% (varies from day to day) which means we need to do more testing overall. If we can’t get the state to set a site to Jersey City we will look to be creative and find a solution in the next day.

Jersey City Cases
– 130 confirmed cases
– 2 individuals that were found DOA under investigation (likely Covid-19 cause from investigation)
– 1 death confirmed last night at Christ Hospital from Covid-19

Ventilators –
Christ Hospital – was running close to 99% of capacity on ventilators. We worked with the state to secure ventilators and now have an additional 25%

JCMC- Currently using 66% of available ventilators

Protective Gear
The city currently has 1500 full PPE kits available and 1200 PPE reserves. Our OEM has done a good job of planning and we are equipped with backups for first responders. We are supplying 400 of our reserves N95 masks from the city to Christ Hospital today.