187 Bayonne Residents Have Recovered From COVID-19

The latest coronavirus update from the City of Bayonne on Friday night shows no new positive COVID-19 cases since Thursday:

Office of Emergency Management
City of Bayonne, NJ
COVID-19 UPDATE 5/1/2020
Mayor Davis has directed OEM to keep residents informed on all the latest information
related to this health emergency.
Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive – 683*
The number above reflects only the Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY
COVID-19 Positive.  We have 187 Bayonne residents that are considered
recovered. Recovered patients, according to the CDC, no longer have to
isolate or be reported. The number above reflects another day over day
decrease in current positive.
Mayor Davis has announced that Stephen Gregg Park will reopen at dawn
tomorrow (Saturday). The park will be open for PASSIVE use only (walking, jogging, sitting).  No cars will be allowed inside the park. The Mayor has also advised that no dog runs or playgrounds will be opened at this time.
The BMC is actively seeking RECOVERED COVID-19 people to become donors to help find the cure. Please call 201-274-4644 or email covidplasmabayonne@carepointhealth.org.
The City of Bayonne is returning to enforcement of alternate side of the street parking for street sweepers on Monday May 4, 2020.  Vehicles not moved for the sweeper next week will be issued a warning, and beginning on May 11th, actual summonses will be issued. All other suspended parking regulations will remain suspended (meter, pay lot, residential zone) until further notice.

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