2 Jersey City High Schoolers Found International ESL Program

A graduation ceremony was held on Sunday for Words Beyond Worlds, a worldwide language organization created to form a strong social and academic environment for children and adults for English as a Second Language.

This free program was founded last spring by McNair Academic High School juniors Eza Iqbal and Arjun Krishnakumar.  It is based out of Public School Number 3 in conjunction with the Tongyan Chinese School and the Jersey City Public Library.
Classes are held every Sunday, with tutors on site in Jersey City.   Some of the students even take the ESL classes online from around the world.  Words Beyond Worlds has become extremely successful, so much so, that it has won two funding grants from the Taco Bell Foundation.
The progrm has approximately 800 to 900 students.  If you would like more information on Words Beyond Worlds, visit their Instagram page 
@words_beyondworlds or send an email to wordsbeyondworlds@gmail.com.