25-year-old Union City Man Charged for Burglary and Theft into a UPS Trailer in Secaucus

On 11/01/2021 at 7:45 AM, in furtherance of an investigation conducted by the Secaucus Police Department Detective Division in relation to a burglary and theft into a trailer that occurred at UPS located at 493 County Ave on 10/18/2021 and 10/25/2021, the police arrested a 25-year-old male, Ricky Sanchez of Union City, NJ for Burglary [2C:18-2A(1)] and Theft [2C:20-3A]. 

Mr. Sanchez was charged with 3 counts of Burglary and 3 counts of Theft for the incidents that took place at UPS on 10/18/2021, 10/25/2021, and 11/01/2021.  Mr. Sanchez was served his complaint summons and was released from police custody.