5 Arrested in Bayonne Home Invasion & Attempted Gunpoint Kidnapping

According to Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato, five people have been arrested in connection with a home invasion at 300 Constitution Avenue on Thursday afternoon.  The four men and one woman taken into custody reside in Bayonne, Brooklyn, the Bronx and New Rochelle, New York.

Details of the home invasion are provided in the following report prepared by Captain Amato, who was part of the group of officers responding to the attack:


Home Invasion – 300 Constitution Avenue

Name Gender Age Address    

Donte Brown Male 22 Yates Avenue, Bronx, NY

Zanei Anderson Male 23 Constitution Avenue, Bayonne, NJ

Brandon J. Gidron Male 25 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY

Imani k. Omar Female 20 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Jalen N. Booker Male 20 Constitution Avenue, Bayonne, NJ

On 11/12/2020 at 1316 hours, numerous officers of the Bayonne Police Department responded to 300 Constitution Avenue located at the Harbor Pointe residential complex on a report of a home invasion and kidnapping involving a handgun.  As officers arrived, they encountered a female hysterically screaming down to the officers from a window of a second floor apartment.  This female was later identified as a tenant of a nearby second floor apartment who had just escaped her apartment during a home invasion and safely retreated to a friend’s apartment.  The female victim also advised the officers that her boyfriend was still in their apartment possibly being held at gunpoint by two male actors.  Officers responded to both apartments and determined that both victims were safe and the actors were not present. According to the victims, two male actors unknown to them, later identified as Donte Brown and Brandon Gidron, forcibly entered the apartment.  Upon entering, Donte Brown brandished a handgun and ordered the male victim to the bedroom while demanding the female victim to fill a bag with all the money from the bedroom.  At this time, the female states Gidron fled the apartment while Brown remained.  The female refused to comply with Brown’s demands and fled the apartment, with Brown now turning the gun on her and giving chase, dropping a bag that contained some money from the bedroom before exiting the apartment.  The victim was able to enter her friend’s apartment down the hall through an unlocked door and phone the police as Brown fled the scene.  Both victims were then turned over to Bayonne Police Detectives to continue their investigation.  During the investigation, it was also learned that Brown and Gidron had attempted to gain entry to the victims’ apartment the day prior but were unsuccessful.   

Armed with knowledge that Brown and Gidron had fled the scene, a methodical and extensive investigation was immediately launched by the Bayonne Police Detective Bureau while patrol officers surrounded and secured the exterior of 300 and 301 Constitution Avenue.  The investigation confirmed that the actors had exited 300 Constitution Avenue before the arrival of police and entered 301 Constitution Avenue where they were never seen exiting.  Unknown what apartment the actors had entered in 301 Constitution Avenue, the Hudson County Regional S.W.A.T. Team was activated and responded to the scene where they conducted a thorough top-to- bottom search and clear of the entire building. At this time, members of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit responded to the scene, as well as an Assistant Prosecutor of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.  It should also be noted that the Port Authority of NJ/NY Police Department E.S.U. also responded to the area on standby should additional resources become needed.  The investigation ultimately identified the exact apartment Brown and Gidron had retreated to and determined it was leased to Zanei Anderson.  Anderson was identified as a third male involved in the attempted entry of the victim’s apartment from the day prior.  Shortly after identifying the apartment,  Brown, Gidron, and Anderson were all taken into custody from the apartment.  Also taken into custody from the apartment was Imani Omar, who was found to be in possession of a stun gun.  A handgun was recovered from the area as well.

Throughout the entire incident, detectives were still conducting their investigation of the victims, specifically the male, Jalen N. Booker.  Their investigation revealed that Booker was involved in criminal activity relating to a scheme involving multiple identity thefts and credit card thefts.  The scheme earned Booker large amounts of cash which he stored at his residence.  A substantial amount of cash believed to be proceeds of this criminal activity was seized from the apartment by detectives.  He was charged accordingly and lead the detectives to believe that the home invasion was a targeted attack and not random.

The Bayonne Police Department would like to extend deep thanks and appreciation for the timely response and assistance of all involved, namely the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, the Hudson County S.W.A.T. Team, Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, Port Authority of NY/NJ Police Department, and the management staff of Harbor Pointe.  The Department would also like to thank the several residents of 300 and 301 Constitution Avenue for their understanding, patience, and cooperation while being prevented from entering their apartments until the incident was brought to a safe resolution.  Due to the actions of all involved, extremely dangerous individuals who demonstrated an extreme disregard for human life were removed from the community and will be brought to justice for their actions.                      


Donte Brown:


Aggravated Assault


Possession of a Firearm for an Unlawful Purpose

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm


Brandon J. Gidron:




Zanei Anderson:

Hindering Apprehension

Imani K. Omar:

Possession of a Prohibited Weapon (Stun Gun)

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

Jalen N. Booker:

Identity Theft

Credit Card Theft

Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card