8 People Seek 3 Hoboken Board of Education Seats This November

The Hoboken school board election is November 8th, the same day as the mid-term elections.  Eight residents have filed to run for one of three, Board of Education trustee seats.  There are two slates of three, plus two independent candidates running after petitions were filed with the County Clerk’s Office last week.

Incumbent trustee Alejandro “Alex” De La Torre, Jr. is seeking re-election.   His running mates on an unnamed slated are Leslie Norwood and Antonio Grana.  Back in January, Grana led a “Yes” group which supported the defeated, $241-million school referendum calling for a new high school.

They will face the “Kids First” slate, featuring Pavel Sokolov, who publicly opposed the referendum, and Donna Magen and Cindy Wiegand, both local parents.

Running as an independent candidate as she did last year, is mom Patricia Waiters, under the slogan “Transparency, Respect, Integrity.”

Also running as an independent trustee candidate is.former school board trustee John Madigan, whose slogan is “Hoboken Children First.”

Incumbent Board Trustees Sheila Dallara and Joyce Simons have decided not to seek re-election.