80s icon Tiffany wows crowd at Weehawken High School


By Jillian Risberg 

It was a packed house Friday night at Weehawken High, where pop star Tiffany took everyone down memory lane with her legendary hit, “I Think We’re Alone Now” and debuted several new tunes from her Pieces of Me album. 

“The 13-year-old me is super duper excited,” says Hoboken resident, Dusty Weideman of seeing Tiffany in concert.

Dana Pasini loves Tiffany and grew up in the 80s.

“It’s nostalgic to be here and with my friend who also is from that time period,” says Pasini, of Weehawken.

Tiffany says it’s funny because at the time… she didn’t really want to record, “I think we’re alone now” — she thought it was so different.

“Children behave, I was like — ‘where are we going with this’ and I wasn’t sure it was going to show that I could sing,” the artist says. 

“My manager was like, ‘let’s do it anyway.’  I was only 14 when I recorded it and I’m glad I did. But there is this magic about that song. It’s all over the world and I am forever grateful.”

Tiffany was singing for the Weehawken Education Fund.

“All the money goes to the students, great cause — spearheaded by Mayor Turner and the council,” says James Anthony, from Weehawken High.

It’s like a time-warp and brings back such great memories.

“Saw her on MTV, listened to her in my bedroom, danced around to her,” Weideman says. “We want to see how far she’s come.”

“Yeah, it’s great to see her at this point in life,” added Pasini.

She doesn’t get tired of singing it; and they’ve done it so many different ways. There’s even a new 2019 version of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” with a rock vibe to complement what Tiff’s doing now.

“It’s that kind of song, you can really do it acoustically like I did tonight or you can do it to a track or you can do it full band, rock it out,” the singer says. 

Once upon a time concert host Jimmy Hart was on a wrestling show called ‘Hulk Hogan’s Championship Wrestling’ and Tiffany was also on that show.

“I voted her to win but they voted her off,” Hart says. “Now I can come back and say, ‘Tiffany, I knew you sold 15 million albums and had two number one singles and so I really voted for you.’”

As for Tiffany, she loves giving back and had a blast collaborating with Weehawken High School.

“It’s all about doing everything we can for the kids, to keep moving their dreams forward,” Anthony says.

And they just can’t get enough of the pop star this time around. 

“Could Have Been” was one of Weideman’s favorites back in the day.

“And the 80s rock, we love the 80s — especially since it’s raising money for Weehawken and the great educational system,” says April Dawn. “So we’re just here to support and we love the music.”

The former teen icon has a fondness for Weehawken, she’s done some shows there way back in the day.

“I’m a foodie, so I always like to get involved in the local anything and see bands play,” Tiffany says.  “But I also have friends in the area.” 

When it comes to this new chapter and the true fans — they’ve stuck with Tiff all these years. She’s heading out on tour the next couple of months. New album is out April 23, and a new single drops.

The pop sensation says to come see a Tiff show and check out tiffanytunes.com everybody.

“Thirty years to be living my dream — and hopefully people like the new stuff; they say it’s getting better,” Tiffany says. “Ya know, I can’t stop smiling.”


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