A Step Ahead Learning Center in North Bergen Has Been Completely Remodeled

This Monday, the A Step Ahead Learning Center in North Bergen will open its doors for both preschool classes and after school activities for the first time since a change in ownership. With a full capacity of 36 kids as per current COVID-19 regulations, the learning center was given the green light for in person classes and activities following a final state inspection. The preschool features a curriculum covering a variety of subjects including Science, Math, Engineering, and Arts just to name a few. In addition to preschool classes, the learning center is set to start holding after school activities for children between the ages of two and a half to thirteen years old. A Step Ahead is also working with the Urban League of Hudson County, which helps provide aid for childcare on a case by case basis through the NJ Cares for Kids program.

A Step Ahead has been running for roughly 30 years since first opening its doors and even though there are new owners in place, there are still bound to be some familiar faces as several staff members from the previous regime have returned. The excited new owners, Santiago and Gretter Hernandez celebrated their upcoming opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday with several town officials including Mayor Nicholas Sacco in attendance, showing support. 

“I know [A Step Ahead] is going to be a great asset to this community because we definitely need a place to have our children go to school” said Mayor Sacco in an interview with Hudson TV.

Seemingly, opening the doors on Monday morning is the last step A Step Ahead will need to take before opening for business.