Amtrak & NBPD Clarify Wednesday Incident Near Secaucus Junction, Person NOT Struck

After news outlets, including Hudson TV, reported on Wednesday that a person was struck by an Amtrak train heading westbound near the Secaucus Transfer Station, the information was clarified today.  Yesterday’s information was based on a tweet sent out by NJ Transit.

This morning an Amtrak spokesperson stated that no person was hit on the tracks on Wednesday.  That information was verified by North Bergen Police Captain Jorge Raposo in a telephone interview with Hudson TV this afternoon.  Captain Raposo was on the scene yesterday as part of the investigation since Amtrak travels through North Bergen when exiting the tunnel beneath Tonnelle Avenue.

Both Amtrak and Captain Raposo confirmed that two young teenagers were hanging out around the heavily used, commuter train tracks which see hundreds of daily NJ Transit and Amtrak trains heading to, and coming from, Penn Station in New York City.  Raposo says it’s easy for people to get to the tracks.  All they have to do is climb a small hill.

So what are he actual facts of this incident?

According to Captain Raposo, an Amtrak engineer reported seeing the two teenagers on the tracks around 5 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, just east of the Secaucus Junction train station.  The teens were not hit, but their skateboard was struck.

No person was injured.