Ashe-Nadrowski Says Bayonne Can Do Better With MOTBY Development Deal

Bayonne Council President and Mayoral Candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski says the city can do much better financially with regard to the MOTBY development deal, which she says has expired, with Bayonne Partners Urban Renewal.  That’s why she’s introducing an ordinance and two resolutions for consideration at the next Council meeting.  Ashe-Nadrowski spoke with Jeff Henig about that, and other development and quality of life issues.

Ashe-Nadrowski also spoke about the city’s garbage collection contract, as well as the Caschem redevelopment project near the former Texaco site.

The Davis Team issued a press release on Thursday afternoon claiming that Ashe-Nadrowski is not being fully transparent with the public regarding the MOTBY development discussed in the above interview with Hudson TV, although their press release was issued before our interview was posted on this website.