Bayonne Man Arrested For Impersonating Law Enforcement Officer

Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato reports that 44-year old Robert Bromberg of Broadway in Bayonne was taken into custody at 7:53 pm on Monday, September 26 from the area of 30th Street and Prospect Avenue.  An officer in the area of 32nd Street and Avenue E observed a black colored Jeep activate red and blue emergency lights and an audible siren as it proceeded to go around another vehicle waiting at the red traffic signal. 

The Jeep then went through the red light and made a turn on East 32nd Street toward Prospect Avenue.  Not recognizing this vehicle, the officer followed the Jeep and observed it shut down the lights and sirens as it approached Prospect Avenue.  As the officer followed the Jeep and conducted a check of the license plate, the emergency lights and sirens were again activated as the Jeep traveled south on Prospect Avenue.  The Jeep then deactivated the lights and sirens as it came to a stop at the red traffic light at 30th Street and Prospect Avenue.  After the license plate check came back to a private citizen and not a government agency, the officer conducted a motor vehicle stop to further investigate the vehicle and operator.

As the Jeep pulled to the side of the road during the motor vehicle stop, the emergency lights were again activated.  During the investigation, the driver, identified as Bromberg, stated that he was a police officer in New Jersey and currently on loan to a federal agency and that he was authorized to utilize his personal vehicle for work.  He also provided a registration for the vehicle allowing it to be equipped with emergency lights and sirens for the purpose of belonging to and being utilized by a Captain of a Volunteer Fire Department in Bergen County while only responding directly to a scene of a fire scene.

Further investigation of the registration revealed that the description of the authorized vehicle and the applicant signature were omitted on the card.  As the investigation continued, Bromberg produced a police detective badge and identification card from a NJ police department to the investigating officer.  Upon closer observation of the identification card, it appeared fraudulent due to errors and omissions on its face.  At this point, the officer contacted the named NJ police department to confirm employment.  The named police department confirmed that Bromberg has never been associated or employed by the agency.

The investigation ultimately confirmed that Bromberg was not a police officer and he was placed under arrest.  A search of the vehicle Bromberg was operating led to the recovery of a Taser Pulse stun gun and a fire fighter identification card for a fire department in Bergen County.  A check with that department also confirmed that Bromberg was neither associated with nor ever a member of that department.

He has been charged with  Possession of Fraudulent/Forged Documents, Uttering a False Identification, Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, Hindering Apprehension and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon (Stun Gun).