Bayonne Man Arrested for Resisting Arrest After Report of Fight

Bayonne assault and arrest

44-year old Bayonne resident Jose M. Santiago of West 21st Street was taken into custody at 8:40 last night at his residence.  According to Captain Eric Amato, officers responded to the area on a report of fight between two individuals outside the home.  The report stated that one of those involved may have been in possession of a gun.

When police arrived they found no persons in the area, but they were able to obtain the address of one of the individuals involved, later identified as Santiago, in the alleged altercation.  They went to his address to continue their investigation.

They were let into the residence by another person and found Santiago in an intoxicated and excited state.  Santiago started screaming at the officers and placed his hands on the chest of one of the officers, trying to push him out of the residence.  He also kept grabbing the officer’s arm, forcing the second patrolman to release his grip and place Santiago under arrest.

Santiago kept resisting arrest and pulling away from the handcuffs.  Eventually the police were able to subdue him.

Police were able to locate the other person involved in the altercation, but determined no gun was involved in the incident.  Santiago was taken to the Bayonne Medical Center where he received treatment for a pre-existing foot injury.

He has been charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a government function.