Bayonne OEM reports 103 positive Coronavirus Cases

Office of Emergency Management

City of Bayonne, NJ
COVID-19 UPDATE 3/29/2020
Mayor Davis has directed OEM to keep residents informed on all the latest information related to this health emergency.
Here are the latest stats:

NJ Residents Positive — 13,386 NJ Residents Negative — 22,216

Hudson County Residents Positive — 974

Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive — 103*

*This number reflects Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY positive. Recovered residents are no longer counted as positive. All current positive patients are under appropriate isolation/quarantine protocols. Most of these patients are recovering at home.

BayonneMedicalCenter/CarePoint Testing — Testing will begin again Monday 10am-12pm for CarePoint Doctors to schedule patients. Testing has been limited to patients of CarePoint doctors only, as they have very limited test kits. As BMC acquires more test kits, they will expand testing to our 1st Responders/Healthcare workers and then to patients of all doctors within Bayonne. ONLY PATIENTS WITH A SCRIPT AND APPOINTMENT ARE ACCEPTED FOR TESTING AT THIS SITE. DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.

For anyone that feels they need to be tested, you can call the Hudson County COVID-19 Testing Facility (Secaucus). You will be screened and given an appointment (no script needed). NO ONE WILL BE TESTED UNLESS YOU ARE SYMPTOMATIC. Medical professionals continue to advise that using a test on an asymptomatic person can give a false NEGATIVE, wasting that test kit. The numbers to call for the HC Testing Site are: 201-388-1097 or 646-862-1161. Initial data released from this site indicates that of the 830 test results returned, 53% have been POSITIVE. Please do not contact OEM to be tested, as we are unable to assist in the testing process.

There continues to be a shortage of test kits available. Many facilities will not test you unless you are experiencing specific symptoms. If you have seen a doctor, and they advise you that you “may”/”probably”/”could”, etc. have the Coronavirus, but they will not test you, then you should treat yourself as a positive case. You should go home and follow your doctor’s instructions on self-isolation.

The City of Bayonne Health Department and the City of Bayonne Swift911 calling system may sometimes show up on your phone as POTENTIAL SPAM. Various phone carriers are doing this to protect against nuisance robocalls. During this emergency, we ask that you answer calls that show Potential Spam (Bayonne, NJ), as this could be from the city. We understand that Spam calls are annoying, and most of us disregard them, however, we ask for your cooperation during this emergency.

Please go to or dial 2-1-1 for information related to this virus.

THE STAY AT HOME DIRECTIVE IS STILL IN EFFECT THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY. The reason that the stay at home order is in place is to reduce the public interacting and potentially spreading the virus. Each time you go out, whether for essential items, work, etc., you cannot completely insulate yourself or others, that is why you must practice common sense and safe hygiene! If you go out, be sure to wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, limit the transactions that bring you within the safe distances, etc. Only go out for essentials. IF YOU ARE ILL, DO NOT GO OUT!!! Be safe!


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    1. Shut the city down . Put us on lockdown . This is getting out of control. Kids are walking the streets with no worry in the world , people are still working and being out at risk . This is ridiculous . Please Mayor Davis do your job and shut the city down . Stop with the excuses

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