Photo Credit: City of Bayonne

The Bayonne Division of Recreation recently celebrated its tenth season of Special Needs Sports.  They held a photo exhibit to mark the occasion. It featured 3,000 photos of the athletes throughout the decade.  Now the Rec Division is publishing its own series of coloring books featuring the athletes of the Special Needs Sports Program!  The Board of Education is proud to support the Rec Division’s exciting project.

The book will feature photos of the athletes in a coloring form. Also included in the book is a Bayonne sports themed maze, a word search, and a connect-the-dots.

“We are very excited to publish the 1st coloring book of our athletes. A picture is worth a thousand words, and to now be able to color a picture of our athletes, is very special in so many way,.” stated Pete Amadeo, Bayonne’s Superintendent of Recreation

If you are interested in buying one of the coloring books, there will be a special “book signing” with the athletes on Saturday, February 3rd, at 4:00pm, at the Bayonne High School Ice Rink Lobby and Auxiliary Gym.  Amadeo encouragex everyone to “come out and meet our athletes, who are featured in the book and have the chance to take a coloring book home! Books will be available to purchase on site.”

One of the mothers of a Special Needs athleted stated, “Coloring nurtures creativity and mindfulness. The Special Needs Coloring Book has highlighted moments in our athletes’ lives on and off the field. What an excellent opportunity for the athletes to recreate these moments by coloring ever lasting memories.” – Amy Lynn Vieira., mother of Tyler Chase Vieira.