Bayonne Resumes Street Sweeper Enforcement Next Week

Bringing Back Street-Sweeping Enforcement in Bayonne
In a telephone call to Bayonne residents, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that
the City would resume street-sweeping enforcement in May. Mayor Davis said, “As
we are now nearing our second month of social distancing directives, we are hoping
that we are getting closer to our return to normal.”
Mayor Davis continued, “Early in the emergency, I ordered the Parking Utility
to stop issuing summonses for numerous parking regulations. One of these regulations
was for sweeping enforcement. Our sweepers have continued to go on their scheduled
days, but we haven’t issued any tickets for people that haven’t moved their cars. The
cleanliness of our city has suffered quite a bit during this crisis. However, I am so
proud of how people are doing their part in helping to keep Bayonne clean. Hundreds
of you participated in our revised Earth Day last Saturday, and it was great to see the
pictures. Thank you all.”
Mayor Davis explained, “Now that we are gearing towards our return, we need
to start the sweeper enforcement again, so we can get our streets clean. Beginning on
Monday, May 4, we will start to enforce sweeper regulations. We will give everyone a
week’s grace period with just a warning, and then actual tickets will be issued
beginning on the week of May 11.”
Mayor Davis also announced the start of a round of street-paving. He said, “We
also have begun our annual road resurfacing project this week, which will help fix the
sins of winter on our streets. Between this project and our sweeper enforcement
starting up, we will be making our city beautiful again.”
Mayor Davis concluded, “Thank you all for your cooperation and your patience
throughout this emergency. I am so proud of how our city has dealt with this crisis.”

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