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Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis today issued a robocall to city residents concerning the Peninsula City’s efforts in administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

The text of the Mayor’s telephone message is as follows:

“Hello, this is Mayor Davis. As we have been speaking about over the last week, Bayonne is now vaccinating people who are in Phase 1A.  This process started yesterday and we are vaccinating well over 100 people a day at the Bayonne Medical Center as we work to get to the thousands of seniors over 65 and anyone who has a serious medical condition.  As you can imagine, scheduling this many people is a very challenging task, however, our teams are up to the challenge and the vaccination process is going very smoothly.  I do need to ask you all for a few things.  First, please be patient.  There are thousands of people who need to be scheduled and YOU WILL hear from us, so please be patient and await our scheduler to call you.  Also, DO NOT call the Hospital or city hall.  The only number to call to be scheduled is 201-858-6088 or you can email us at, but you only need to contact us once.  Do not continue to leave messages or send numerous emails.  Do Not show up at the hospital without an appointment, as you will be sent home.  If you do not want to wait for a call to be vaccinated at Bayonne Medical Center you can go to the County site in Kearny.  You can register for that site by visiting  Keep in mind that wherever you get your first shot, you must go to the same location for the second shot.

Bayonne is a large city, and we have great and cooperative people.  Please work with me on this and BE PATIENT.  We will call you and you will be vaccinated, just be patient.  Thank you all so very much for your understanding and cooperation.  We will talk again soon.”