Body of Missing WNY Man Discovered in Van in Englewood

News 12 is reporting that a body found inside of a parked car outside of a day care facility in Englewood on Friday has been identified as Lester Tabora – a 31-year-old man who had been missing from West New York since Feb. 8, the family has confirmed.
A missing person flyer posted by the family said he was last seen driving a white GMC van in Fairview.
A previous report by Hudson TV had stated Tabora was last seen a year ago because that was the information provided.  In actuality, he was reported missing on February 8, 2023.
The News 12 report stated. “That van was parked in front of the Vincente Tibbs Child Development Center. That center did not appear to be part of the police investigation.”
As of this afternoon, investigators don’t suspect any wrongdoing.  The van in which Tabora’s body was discovered was locted near the corner of William Street and West Linden Avenue.