Breaking News: “Sires Team for WNY” Makes a Power Move with 9,025 Petitions Submitted

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. – The “Sires Team for WNY” has submitted a notable number of 9,025 signed petitions for the upcoming Board of Commissioners election with 27 days left until the deadline. This strong show of support is indicative of the team’s commitment to the community and their drive to address pressing issues.

The team is led by former Congressman Albio Sires, who is joined by Commissioner Victor Barrera, Board of Education President Adam Parkinson, Board of Education Trustee Marielka Diaz, and housing advocate Marcos Arroyo. These leaders bring a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to the table, and their combined efforts have resulted in a robust petition campaign.

The “Sires Team for WNY” is focused on tackling important issues such as crime, housing, taxes, education, local services, parking, and community improvements. Their priority projects include the construction of a new public library and media center, investment in local parks and recreation programs, and school building improvements.

It’s worth noting that this significant petition submission by the “Sires Team for WNY” has sparked interest and discussions among West New York residents. The outcome of the election remains to be seen, but the “Sires Team for WNY” has made a strong statement and will likely play a major role in shaping the future of the community.