Celebrating Halloween Through a Pandemic

Who ever thought we’d see a day, unfortunately, where Halloween trick-or-treaters would have to mask their costume masks?  Whoever thought we’d see a day where people, homeowners, tenants, and businesses would place a sign on their front doors indicating whether or not they welcomed children ringing their doorbell and cheerfully saying, “Trick or Treat?!!”

Welcome to Halloween 2020 Hudson County.  With the COVID-19 pandemic still upon us in New Jersey, the United States and globally, our entire way of life continues to be in upheaval.  Unfortunately for all of us, the coronavirus is spiking again.  The second wave is here.  With the Presidential election three days away, and millions of ballots already cast across the nation, rest assured, COVID may be the deciding factor in many American’s choice for President, and not the economy, health care, foreign policy or any number of other issues.

I am not preaching here.  Not telling you how you should vote, if you haven’t already done so.  If you haven’t, though, what are you waiting for people?  Whom ever you select, make sure you vote!!!

So, as Halloween wraps up, minus the usual traditions across Hudson County like parades and large Halloween gatherings (hopefully you all are abiding by the Governor’s directives to avoid those large crowds), we can all hope that 365 days from now, our world, our towns, counties, states and planet, will be on the road to recovery with a coronavirus vaccine available for every citizen.

Because there is nothing more than I’d like to do, is to get up to answer the door bell every freakin’ five seconds and see those young, smiling faces under one mask, rather than two.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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