Change For Children Announces JCBOE Ticket

Change For Children Launches Campaign for Jersey City Board of Education Asheenia Johnson, Sonia N. Cintron, and Karen Poliski will bring needed leadership and reform to the Jersey City Board of Education

JERSEY CITY, NJ—Change For Children today announced the launch of their campaign to elect three candidates to the Jersey City Board of Education, Asheenia Johnson, Sonia N. Cintron, and Karen Poliski, and support bringing much-needed new leadership to the Jersey City Board of Education.

The children and families of Jersey City deserve competent, responsible, and ethical leadership – the exact type of leadership the current Board of Education has been unable and unwilling to provide. The Change For Children candidates will support a decision-making process that is based on data, expert guidance, and best practices to ensure that Jersey City schoolchildren are afforded the absolute best education possible, and will usher in a new era of transparency and accountability to protect our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

“As a community organizer, I have seen first-hand the need for strong leadership and decisive action to do what’s right in these challenging times,” said candidate Asheenia Johnson. “With a bachelor’s degree in economics and on my way to finishing my master’s degree in public administration, I will bring to the Board the expertise it sorely needs at this time to ensure all our children get the best education they deserve.”

“Our children and our community depend on our education system to provide the opportunities needed to succeed,” said candidate Sonia N. Cintron. “As a substitute teacher with a background in the financial industry, I will bring unique skills to the Board at a time of financial crisis and the dawn of a new era in education. I will get our financial house in order and help create new opportunities for all our children.”

“After many years in Jersey City, I have seen our city grow and prosper, but watched as some were left behind,” said candidate Karen Poliski. “I have also seen how our current school board has careened from crisis to crisis limiting opportunities for our children and hurting our city’s future. From having the former school board President arrested for accepting bribes for contracts to historic tax increases to indecisive actions during the pandemic that put our children, teachers, and our families at risk, this board hasn’t shown the leadership we need. As an instructor and small businesses owner, I will make decisions based on science and common sense to stop the corruption, protect taxpayers and ensure the health and safety of our students.”

Change For Children encourages those interested in better schools for Jersey City schoolchildren and their families to sign up for updates at and to follow the campaign on Facebook @ChangeforChildrenJC, Twitter @changeteamJC, and Instagram @ChangeForChildrenJC.