Congressman Rob Menendez Appointed to Homeland Security & Transportation and Infrastructure Committees

Congressman Rob Menendez (D-Dist. 8) has received two, important committee assignments; Homeland Security and Transportation & Infrastructure in the 118th Congress.

“The security of our district, our state, and our nation is a critical priority,” said Congressman Rob Menendez. “As a member of the Committee on Homeland Security, I will work to bolster our nation’s preparedness against terrorism, cybersecurity threats, severe weather-related events, and all other threats to our communities. Representing a district in which families were personally impacted by the September 11th terrorist attacks, I am dedicated to the Committee’s mission of securing our nation and keeping Americans safe. I will also work to improve the Department of Homeland Security and its operations, as well as those of its various components. I look forward to getting right to work with Ranking Member Thompson, as well as my colleagues on the Committee to ensure that the Eighth Congressional District, our state, and our nation are protected.”

“I warmly welcome Congressman Menendez to the Committee on Homeland Security,” said Ranking Member Bennie G. Thompson (MS-02). “I know his work experience and knowledge will be essential in our ongoing national security work to prepare for disasters and protect the homeland from the diverse threats we face. I am excited to start our work together on behalf of the American people.”

The Eighth Congressional District hosts portions of Newark Liberty International Airport, the Ports of Elizabeth and Bayonne, sections of the Northeast Corridor rail line, and other critical infrastructure of national security significance.

The House Committee on Homeland Security was first established as a select committee following the September 11th terrorist attacks and became a standing committee in 2005. It oversees the various functions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security, including counterterrorism efforts, transportation security, cybersecurity, maritime security, border security, and emergency preparedness.

Menendez was also appointed to Transportation and Infrastructure, another important committee considering what exists in the 8th Congressional District.

“Securing a seat on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure was one of my top priorities because the Eighth District is home to some of our nation’s most important infrastructure projects,” said Congressman Rob Menendez. “On the Committee, I will advocate for the district’s needs, whether it is advancing the Gateway Program, securing funding for mass transit infrastructure, or working to address the impacts of climate change in cities and towns. I look forward to working with Ranking Member Larsen and my colleagues on the Committee to modernize and update our nation’s infrastructure.”

Menendez commented on today’s funding announcement by President Biden for the Gateway Project, stating,  “Under President Biden’s leadership, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is providing key funding for the Gateway Program, the largest and most significant infrastructure project in the country,” said Congressman Menendez. “Our century-old North River Tunnels are at serious risk of catastrophic failure, which we cannot and will not allow to happen. The Hudson River Tunnel Project will not only provide relief to commuters on the Northeast Corridor but will also create 72,000 well-paying jobs. As a Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I look forward to continuing the important work to ensure that this project is funded and completed as soon as possible.”

“As a former Port Authority Commissioner, Representative Menendez is an experienced transportation and infrastructure advocate who will make a valuable addition to our committee,” said Ranking Member Rick Larsen (WA-02). “His district is home to some of the most heavily utilized transportation infrastructure in the country including the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, sections of the Northeast Corridor, and the future home of significant components of the Gateway Program. Representative Menendez will also be a steadfast advocate for mass transit, which many working families in his district and around the country rely upon.”

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has jurisdiction over all modes of transportation: aviation, maritime and waterborne transportation, highways, bridges, mass transit, and railroads. The Committee also has jurisdiction over other aspects of our national infrastructure, such as clean water and wastewater management, the transport of resources by pipeline, flood damage reduction, the management of federally owned real estate and public buildings, the development of economically depressed rural and urban areas, disaster preparedness and response, and hazardous materials transportation.

In addition, the Committee has broad jurisdiction over departments and agencies that include the Department of Transportation, the U.S. Coast Guard, Amtrak, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Economic Development Administration, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.