Congressman Sires Reacts to President Biden’s Announcement That The U.S. Will Welcome 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

President Biden today announced plans for the United States to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, as well as others fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine.  Administration officials say they are still working out the details of how the Ukrainians will be admitted into the country, but their goal is to welcome up to 100,000. They would be brought into the United States through a variety of legal pathways.

8th District Congressman Albio Sires stated, The Administration’s announcement that the United States will expedite and take-in 100,000 refugees fleeing Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine is welcome news. The United States has a long history of sheltering refugees in their time of need. I am a living example of this long-standing policy, coming to America with my family in the early 1960’s to escape the oppressive Castro government in Cuba.” 

Congressman Sires went on to add, “Although this is a step in the right direction, the United States should increase the number of refugees we are taking in from Ukraine. With close to 4 million fleeing the conflict already, the United States needs to be a welcoming beacon of democracy for all those who need sanctuary. As our economic recovery from COVID-19 continues with great progress, our economy has ample room for these refugees to join our workforce and make fantastic contributions to our society as a wholeWe have welcomed those in need before – we must continue our proud tradition and welcome Ukrainians to our country while they defend their own.”

The White House did not provide a timetable for reaching the 100,000 goal.