Construction Worker Suspended From Building Rescued By Hoboken Fire Department

Photo Courtesy City of Hoboken

“I am extremely proud of, and commend, the firefighters who responded to this tense incident this morning.  Their professionalism, dedication, bravery, and training were on full display, and no doubt helped to save a life today.”  The words of Hoboken Fire Chief Anton Peskens on Thursday, after members of his department rescued a construction worker suspended from a city building.

It all unfolded around 8:30 Thursday morning, when the Hoboken Fire Department responded to a building under construction on the 200 block of 14th Street.  A construction worker had fallen from scaffolding and became suspended from the building by his safety harness.
Ladder Co. 1, Engine Co. 2, Rescue Co. 1, and Engine Co. 3 all responded, under the command of Battalion Chief Joe Grossi. Members of the Fire Department’s UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) team used their specialized training and equipment, including an aerial ladder, a life safety rope and harness, and a descent control device, to safely rescue the worker and avoid a potential tragedy.
Construction crews were working on the building’s exterior siding when the incident occurred.
                                                                                                                                 An initial investigation found all workers were using the proper OSHA required safety equipment. A second worker was safely removed from the scaffolding using an aerial ladder.
Congratulations to the firefighters involved.  A job well done!!


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