Councilman Phil Cohen Backs Rafi Cordova in Hoboken Ward 1 Runoff Election

HOBOKEN, NJ – In a recent email communication sent by Rob Horowitz, it was announced that Councilman Phil Cohen has endorsed Rafi Cordova in the upcoming Hoboken Ward 1 Council runoff election. This endorsement marks a significant development in the local political scene.

Cohen, in his endorsement, highlighted Cordova’s dedication to community service and his efforts in supporting Hoboken’s most vulnerable residents. “Rafi Cordova is committed to public service for all the right reasons. I strongly endorse him for Hoboken City Council,” Cohen stated in the email.

The councilman also emphasized Cordova’s experience as Chair of the Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board, noting its importance in addressing tenant protections and affordable housing issues, which are key challenges for the City Council.

Cohen further commended Cordova for his comprehensive plans to improve life in Hoboken. “Rafi Cordova has put forward detailed, thoughtful and comprehensive plans to limit rent increases, provide more affordable housing, and to solve Hoboken’s rat problem, thereby boosting the overall quality of life in the 1st Ward,” Cohen added in the email.

The runoff election, set for Tuesday, December 5, is poised to be a pivotal event for Hoboken’s Ward 1, with Cohen’s endorsement potentially influencing its outcome.