Below is an update from Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla on COVID-19:

Impact of COVID-19 in Hoboken and New Jersey

The Hoboken Health Department has reported the following new COVID-19 cases in Hoboken:

October 30: 6
October 31: 21
November 1: 8
November 2: 11
November 3: 7
November 4: 20
November 6: 3

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Health Department has reported a total of 1067 known, confirmed cases. 1001 residents have fully recovered, while fatalities remain unchanged at 31. The Hoboken University Medical Center is currently treating 11 patients with COVID-19, which includes one Hoboken resident.

Yesterday, the State of New Jersey reported another 2,104 cases, the first time there were two consecutive days over 2,000 cases since the beginning of May. The positivity rate of tests conducted this past Saturday across the State was 8.22%, the highest positivity rate since May 19. The top age groups of new COVID-19 cases in Hudson County include 18-29 (25%), and 30-49 (37%)/

The continued increases in cases in Hoboken and Hudson County reflects a trend that we are seeing across New Jersey and the United States, which had over 100,000 new cases for the first time ever on Wednesday. 18 states, which include Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and West Virginia, reported new records of patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

With our numbers in Hoboken reflecting some of our highest totals since April, I am urging all residents to continue to take the virus seriously and re-double your efforts. Please take extra caution to avoid high-risk situations and especially indoor settings beyond household members. If seeing friends and family, please be sure to do so outdoors and while social distancing and wearing face masks.

Contact tracing

The Hoboken Health Department has reported that many of the new cases continue to be associated with social gatherings with friends and family, especially those held indoors. Additional cases are also due to multiple members of the same household contracting the virus, children and parents who have contracted the virus outside of the school, and travel outside of New Jersey. There continues to be little evidence of COVID-19 spread due to in-school learning. Certain cases have also been linked to various bars/dining establishments. Several individuals who do not live in Hoboken but work here have tested positive and resulted in infections with Hoboken residents. The Hoboken Health Department continues to work with all individuals testing positive on aggressive contact tracing, to minimize any larger outbreaks.

We unfortunately have had several residents who have not been answering the phone during contact tracing or have not provided contacts to our health department. Please know that all information is kept confidential and we ask everyone to do everything possible to cooperate with our health officers, who are going above and beyond to help prevent further infections.

Door-to-door testing with Prompt MD

Recently the Hoboken Health Department reported to my office cases linked to various staff and residents in a large apartment building that includes a number of elderly residents. To minimize the spread and ensure that all of the elderly residents can receive a test that may not be able to easily travel to the Hoboken testing sites, Dr. Javed Islam and the Prompt MD staff have offered to go door to door to provide testing to these seniors and other residents in the building. Thank you to Dr. Islam and staff for offering this service for our at-risk population.

Testing update

COVID-19 testing continues to be available for Hoboken residents and employees of local businesses thanks to our partnership with Riverside Medical Group and Prompt MD.

Testing appointments are currently open for Hoboken residents and Hoboken business employees through Prompt MD for Monday, November 9 and Thursday, November 12. To book an appointment, please visit

Testing appointments are currently open for Hoboken residents through Riverside Medical for the week of November 9. To book an appointment, please visit

The Hoboken Health Department continues to recommend getting a COVID-19 test at least 5-7 days after a potential exposure, to minimize inaccurate results. Anyone with a high-risk exposure, which includes over 10 minutes of prolonged contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, to quarantine for a full 14 days, even with a negative test result.

One understandable mistake we are seeing from some residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, is that they are going back to get a negative test a week or more after their initial positive test. Based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this is not necessary. The Health Department continues to inform those testing positive that they can end a quarantine if at least 10 days has passed after experiencing no symptoms.