Credible Messenger Pilot Program for Hudson County, Seeks to Keep Youth Out of Jail and Reduce Violence

Hudson County Commissioner, and former Seton Hall Basketball alumni, Jerry Walker, led a discussion on Monday regarding the proposed ‘Credible Messenger Hudson County’ pilot program at a press conference in Jersey City. The program is designed to reduce youth violence and incarceration, by bringing the “justice involved” young individuals to connect with adults of similar past experiences. As these relationships are developed, the Credible Messengers also bring together youth and the families, providing them with valuable services and resources in the community. Several speakers at the press conference included Clinton Lacey from CM3 (Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement), County Executive Tom DeGise, Assistant Hudson County Prosecutor & Chief of the Juvenile Unit Lisa Ledoux, County HHS Director Darice Toon, and community stakeholders.
On Thursday August 12th, the County Board of Commissioners will be voting on the proposed $500,000 Dollar pilot program..


  1. Well let me first say I’m from Jersey City New Jersey and I’ve lived here from 1962 and then I got locked up and I think in fact I know that was my very first time being locked up from about 18 months and when I came home there’s was still nothing for me as far as work goes but here’s the thing I was a journeyman in electric going on to get license electrician just for the people in Jersey City to say we don’t care what you know here’s a broom I was truly hurt they didn’t have to tell me why I knew already so that’s when I moved out of this state I had a 3 year old son and I knew I sending him to college so I moved I would have stayed but they wouldn’t let me do security as long as I was on parole so I had a trade and I loved pulling wire and I always knew if you find something you truly love to do that you will do that thing for free so as I said so I ended up in Greensboro North Carolina and do what I loved to do but before I did it for myself or on the side because I was working at a HBCU in the book store and doing my electric on the side so now I moved back to Jersey City back in 2013 and now it’s like 23 years has passed and I’d tried to get back into security just to find out that Jersey city is still holding what I’ve done over my head and its funny behind the fact I needed a sora license and they had me pay for it and everything just for Jersey City to tell me what ever you have done in 1988 they are holding it over my head right now today but anywho I would like very much to sit in one of the meeting because my oldest son got gunned down on the street of Jersey City..

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