Effective Immediately, Kearny Implements Recycling Changes

If you live in Kearny, take note.  The municipality has implemented new recycling guidelines, effective immediately.

As with many other municipalities in recent months, Kearny is no longer permitting plastic bags to be disposed of with your recycling garbage.  So, if your supermarket packs your groceries using plastic bags, you’re out of luck.  Ask them to use paper instead.

Kearny will still permit plastic bags to be thrown out with regular household garbage.  Plastic cannot be disposed of with recycling trash.

Through the end of 2020, Kearny residents can still dispose of bottles and plastic items at the curb as long as they are in clear, transparent plastic bags, or in recycling barrels.  Beginning on January 1, 2021, permitted recycling items will only be collected if they are in recycling barrels.

Kearny officials ask residents to use cans no larger than 40 gallons which do not weigh more than 50 pounds without plastic bags.





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