Five Minutes of Brutal Jersey City Brawl (Extended Version)

Hudson County Prosecutor spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill sent the following statement on reference to this incident:

“We are aware of the incident and have been in communication with the Jersey City Police Department leadership and Internal Affairs Unit.  The initial investigation is being handled by the Jersey City Police Department Internal Affairs Unit and as is standard for all use of force incidents will follow the normal course of review.  As this is an internal affairs investigation, no further information can be released at this time.”


  1. Screw u Joseth Mendez, the cops were excessive that was not called for. Prejudice ass

  2. The police handled it wrong because they were swing with head shots with the whip pop out metal baton dealer swing head shots you can crack someone to go with that and killed him with pieces the score on crack inside someone’s brain and he believed that they were totally wrong in the way to handle that

  3. Maybe u are a savage and u need to get to get beat how bout that maybe your people are savages too

  4. Act like an animal get treated like one. No Respect for the Blue this is the shit that happens. Typical jc bullshit. Warm weather brings out all the crazies. Be smart hands up bend the knees and shit wount pop off. Give respect get respect fuck it. Just a bunch of loyd mouth instagators..

  5. After watching the extended video version the bottom-line is This all could have been avoided peacefully by the initial perpetrators who likes to settle their differences through violence.
    The cops did their job. Disperse can control the situation.

  6. Wait did someone say cops are INSECURE, not likely. With all due respect if a cop come up to you and you swing on him and he defends himself that’s NOT INSECURITY that’s Law Enforcement. I’m Puerto Rican and never had a problem with the police you know why RESPECT people need to learn that.

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