Hudson TV has received the following Letter to the Editor from Herminio Mendoza, the President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, and Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, a former State Republican Committeeman from Hoboken.  The letter endorses New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

The Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, the premier NJ organization building values-based bridges between minority communities and the Republican Party, is proud to support Jack Ciattarelli for Governor.

Many Hispanic New Jerseyans came here as refugees fleeing political extremism, oppression, and violence in Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, and other nations. Other Hispanic New Jerseyans came here as economic immigrants, seeking the opportunity to build a better life that is denied to so many people in Spanish speaking nations and around the world by corrupt politicians.

While extremist left wing partisans (often raised with silver spoons) attempt to foment hatred for the American freedoms we fought to get to, attack our great nation, and turn the country so many chose into the dystopia they left, we say no.

Hispanic New Jerseyans know America is the land of the free and home of the brave because whether us, our parents, or our grandparents, we have seen that the criminalization of free speech begins with the political correctness of “Cancel Culture” and ends with dissidents in jail or worse.

We have witnessed “strongmen” politicians say they are redistributing wealth and then replace the upper class with their cronies, destroy middle class jobs, and inevitably steal from the people.

Whether refugee or economic immigrant, we and/or our ancestors, came here because of the freedom that makes America so special.

Today, we in the Hispanic community are called on to defend that freedom.

Together we can say no to political extremists like NJ Gov Phil Murphy whose job killing policies have raised the cost of living on middle and working class New Jerseyans.

Together we can say no to the lunatic left which for months called violent riots mere “protests” as small businesses, homes, lives, and jobs across the country were destroyed.

We, who know what actual oppression looks like and who have many friends and family in law enforcement, can tell the extremists who pretend cops are all “institutionally racist” to take a hike.

Together, we in the NJ Hispanic community, can stand up for the freedom and opportunity which has brought us here. We can build a New Jersey that brings back jobs, stands up to political oppression, and builds new opportunities – together we can elect Jack Ciattarelli for Governor.

Herminio Mendoza – President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein