Call it the second wave.  Call it an extension of the COVID pandemic’s initial influx into New Jersey.  Call it what you will.  The bottom line is, the coronavirus is not going away any time soon, and the Murphy Administration has certainly taken notice.

Governor Phil Murphy on Friday said he’s ready to take “broader steps” to try and stem the recent upswing in the Garden State of the coronavirus.  New Jersey has already seen school districts across the state extend their virtual learning into December, with some schools not expected to return to the classroom until early into the new year, at the earliest.

Reacting to the dramatic rise in COVID cases, the Governor today stated he will strongly consider upping the restrictions after New Jersey experienced a third, consecutive day of more than 2,000 or more, new COVID-19 cases.  That’s the first time since the first three days in May the spike has been so dramatic.

Here’s what the Governor reported on Friday:

  • 2,199 new COVID cases today.  That’s after months of approximately 300 new, daily cases.
  • 1,300 people hospitalized today following months averaging in the low hundreds.
  • Several counties reported 200 new cases today.
  • 13 new deaths on Friday.

The Governor, as he has done in the past, did not specify on Friday what “broader steps” he is planning to take.  Murphy stated, “We’re working on making sure that we have the right balance between strategic, scalpel-like actions and some broader actions we almost certainly will take sooner or later.”

Regarding school districts, the Governor says the state continues to have low numbers of coronavirus-related cases.  Clifton is one of the districts going to all remote learning on Monday after it reported 16 new cases.  The municipality as a whoe reports it has 25 new cases of COVID.  The Governor reported on Friday that at least 30 outbreaks have been reported in more than 500 school districts across New Jersey.

New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli stated today that, “This virus has not taken a break, and we cannot either.”

So, it remains to be seen what actions the Governor will take next.