The Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) proudly hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Outdoor Classroom Food Bus. This groundbreaking initiative represents a significant leap forward in culinary and career-focused education, positioning HCST at the forefront of innovative learning experiences.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, held on Thursday, March 7, at the Frank J. Gargiulo Campus in Secaucus, was attended by esteemed guests including Hudson County Executive Craig Guy, HCST Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez, HCST Board President John Minella, HCST Board member Julietta Vogt, and numerous students, faculty, and administrators.

Hudson County Executive Craig Guy commended HCST for its commitment to educational excellence and innovation, describing the Outdoor Classroom Food Bus as a shining example of how educational institutions can push boundaries to create impactful learning experiences. He emphasized the importance of providing students with practical skills and real-world experiences to prepare them for successful careers in the culinary industry.

The Outdoor Classroom Food Bus is more than just a mobile kitchen; it symbolizes a pioneering approach to culinary education, placing students in an immersive outdoor setting. Equipped with state-of-the-art culinary tools, including a grill, fryers, refrigerator, and freezer, as well as ventilation systems, a mobile generator, LCD menu screen, and a service window, the bus offers students a comprehensive learning experience in culinary entrepreneurship.

HCST Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez expressed her excitement about the Outdoor Classroom Food Bus, describing it as a testament to HCST’s dedication to innovation, inspiration, and hands-on learning. She emphasized the importance of providing students with unique opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for successful culinary pathways.

Mario Rodriguez, HCST Food Service Coordinator and integral member of the team overseeing the creation of the bus over the past two years, shared his insights, highlighting the project’s focus on instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in students. He expressed his pride in seeing the culmination of two years of hard work and emphasized the bus’s role in equipping students with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive culinary industry.

The Outdoor Classroom Food Bus represents a collaborative effort between HCST’s culinary education program, graphic design program, and business program, fostering cross-curricular collaboration and encouraging students to apply their culinary skills in conjunction with creative design and business principles.

Overall, the Outdoor Classroom Food Bus is set to revolutionize culinary education at HCST, providing students with unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the culinary arts.