HCST’s STEM & Women In STEM Clubs Are Thriving at County Prep High School

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math…S.T.E.M….it’s a phrase we’ve all heard.  At the Hudson County Schools of Technology’s County Prep High School in Jersey City it’s all the rage.  More than 100 students at the vocational school are part of the S.T.E.M. Club, and the Women in S.T.E.M. Club, a newly created club where female students are showing their fellow male classmates that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a career path for them, too.

The clubs meet for about two hours after school several times per week.  Sometimes as one, sometimes as S.T.E.M. and other times as Women in S.T.E.M.   The students can’t get enough.  Hudson TV stopped by on Tuesday to see what the students were working on.

What did I find?  Plants, sod, seeds, photosynthesis.  Freshmen through seniors who truly enjoyed what the were doing and learning.  It was a real lesson in horticulture.  The students were preparing for Earth Day in the spring.  They are also getting ready for two special days in March when they’ll hear from professional women working in different S.T.E.M. careers.

Just one more example of how the Hudson County Schools of Technology is preparing students for vocational careers following their high school and college graduations.