Heatwave Alert: Union City Sets Up 24/7 Cooling Centers

Union City opens cooling centers in preparation for the anticipated heatwave.

With extreme heat set to hit Union City, proactive measures have been put in place. The city announces the operation of cooling centers to shield its residents from the high temperatures expected from Wednesday, July 26, through Saturday, July 29, 2023.

The cooling centers, an initiative from Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack, are scheduled to remain open 24 hours a day at the following locations:

  1. William V. Musto Cultural Center – 420 15th Street
  2. Senior Citizens Building – 3700 Palisade Avenue

The city administration is advising residents to minimize direct exposure to the sizzling weather and is recommending the cooling centers as a haven during the peak heat hours. The impact of such high temperatures can lead to severe health consequences, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with certain health conditions.

In addition to serving the general public, the city is extending a special invitation to homeless individuals to utilize these facilities. This step is an earnest attempt to ensure everyone in Union City can find some relief during the heatwave.

Animal owners are also urged to be mindful of their pets’ well-being during this period, as the heat can equally affect them.

This announcement of the cooling centers reaffirms Union City’s commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of all its residents. As we brace for the heatwave, Union City calls upon its community to stay safe, keep hydrated, and help each other beat the heat.