Here is the latest newsletter from Hoboken’s 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, Jr.  It features an update on traffic flow improvements in the southwestern portion of the city:

Dear neighbors,
Our clocks have sprung forward, it’s NCAA Basketball Tournament time and spring is near! Wanted to share some updates that I think may be of interest to you.
Hudson County/Hoboken Advanced Traffic Signal System Concept Development
Since 2016 we have implemented a number of additions and changes to the traffic pattern in Southwest Hoboken.
We have now entered a new phase in improving traffic flow in Southwest Hoboken, along Paterson Avenue, Newark Avenue, and Observer Highway via an advanced traffic signal management system. The upgraded operations will improve vehicle flow along these corridors which will reduce delays and improve efficiency on both the major and minor street approaches.  The interconnected systems will provide greater flexibility during dynamic traffic conditions through the use of Controlled Traffic Signal Systems (CTSS) technology. Please visit for more information.
Next Steps:
  • March 20: Complete Concept Design
  • Q1-Q2 2024: Environmental Document Approval
  • Q3 2025: Begin Final Design
  • Q1 2025: Federal Authorization to Construct
  • Q1 2026: Begin Construction
  • Q4 2026: Construction Substantially Completed
E-Bike Delivery Safety:
In early February myself along with Councilman Presinzano and Councilman Russo introduced an ordinance that we believe would increase accountability and safety on our sidewalks.  It would require any food delivery in Hoboken that uses electric bikes, scooters, or other similar electric vehicles to be licensed with the City of Hoboken.  The licensing cost is $5 a year and the city will provide a fluorescent vest with a license number.  Riders are required to review state and local laws pertaining to safe riding and must take a short quiz, failure to comply with the ordinance will result in a $50 fine. After making additional amendments we reintroduced the ordinance at our March 6, 2024 City Council meeting and it passed with a 6-3 vote. Public comment and final vote will be held at our March 20th Council Meeting.
While this is not a silver bullet and the only answer to address e-bike safety concerns, it is one of the tools in the toolkit.  This will immediately have a positive effect on Hoboken’s quality of life and enforcement will begin in June 2024.
(Photo Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan-The Jersey Journal)
Councilman Presinzano has been working as a delivery worker and has been using the vests that we are proposing delivery riders wear while working.
Rebuild By Design Update:
The Hoboken portion of Rebuild By Design is now underway. This project start has been a long time coming and will serve as a layer of protection from tidal and storm surges like what we experienced from Superstorm Sandy. However, recently a few of my council colleagues and I had some questions with regards to the Jersey City portion of the project along our southern border that would help protect SW Hoboken. Specifically, we were seeking written confirmation from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that said any study funded by the City of Hoboken would help expedite matters and not leave Hoboken with the possibility of funding any additional costs that the state has already allocated for the project. We received a letter from NJDEP prior to our March 6, 2024 Council Meeting and I was much more comfortable moving forward with the engineering study.  I’m appreciative of the support we received from former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer who has been a fierce advocate for RBD.
Aaron Lewitt
Sadly, we lost a valued member of our community with the passing of Aaron Lewitt. Aaron was the embodiment of kindness, compassion, and unwavering determination. He will be remembered for his lifelong commitment to helping others. I am personally thankful to Aaron for not only his friendship but his positive advocacy and influence for the Hoboken Housing Authoity residents and the HHA’s redevelopment plan. Rest In Peace, my friend.
Julio C. Santiago (Art Exhibit):
Big Congratulations to longtime family friend and Hoboken resident Julio C. Santiago! He has his first art exhibit at 73 years young which is on display at the Hoboken Historical Museum until April 21st.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions at or 201-401-7947.
Councilman Ruben Ramos Jr.
Hoboken City Council, 4th Ward
Real Leadership for a Better Hoboken
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