Hoboken Basketball Courts Shutdown Due To Noncompliance

After being open for just a few days, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced this evening that three, city basketball courts have been shut down due to noncompliance of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Bhalla stated, “While we had opened the outdoor basketball courts at Elysian Park, Church Square Park and behind the Multi-Service Center for non-contact shooting with scrimmages and full contact prohibited, several did not follow these rules despite repeated requests from staff on hand at the courts. As a result, we’ll be keeping the basketball courts closed as we evaluate ways to create a safer environment for next week.”

The Mayor continued by saying, “Finally, I leave everyone with a quote from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who today made a plea to all Americans to continue to take the virus seriously: “I think what we’re missing in this is something that we’ve never faced before, is that a risk for you is not just isolated to you, because if you get infected you are part — innocently or inadvertently — of propagating the dynamic process of a pandemic.”



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