Hoboken Celebrates Cycling Safety During National Bicycle Safety Month

Throughout the month, the city will be hosting a series of events and initiatives to encourage safe cycling practices. These will include bike education sessions, group rides, and a social media campaign to raise awareness about bicycle safety.

The City of Hoboken is recognized as a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists, giving the mile square city the distinction of being recognized as both bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly. 

“We are proud of the work our Public Safety and Vision Zero teams have already done to make our streets and sidewalks safer, said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. We encourage all, whether on bicycle, foot, or driving a motor vehicle, to do their part to make the entire system even safer and to educate themselves about the best practices for staying and keeping others safe. 

The Hoboken Police Department will be stepping up enforcement of traffic laws related to cycling, such as helmet use, proper signaling, and riding on the correct side of the road. This will help to educate cyclists and motorists alike about their responsibilities and promote a safer coexistence on the roads.

“In anticipation of more cyclists on the streets as we head into the warmer months, we want to educate and remind the community about the rules of the road, and make sure everyone is riding as safely as possible,” said Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante. “It’s up to not just bicyclists, but also drivers and even pedestrians to help ensure safety for everyone.” 

During National Bicycle Safety Month, the Hoboken Police Department will, as it did last year, focus heavily on the education and enforcement of electric-bike and electric-scooter safety. The HPD has teamed up with the Hoboken Business Alliance and local businesses, to better inform those who use e-bicycles and other motorized vehicles for delivery services. This includes reminding all riders of the following:  

  • It is illegal to ride any type of electric or motorized bicycle or scooter on Hoboken’s sidewalks and on parts of the waterfront walkway 

  • If an e-bike enters a sidewalk, the rider must dismount and walk the vehicle. 

  • E-bikes can be parked on the sidewalk if it does not block pedestrians or other traffic.  

  • When in the street, riders must follow all traffic laws including riding in the correct direction of traffic and the speed limit.  

Even before this campaign, Hoboken police officers have been enforcing these laws, and issued over 100 summonses and countless warnings in recent weeks. Violators face fines of up to $100. 

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Public Safety Department are also working closely with Bike Hoboken, a community-based organization working toward making the city more bike-friendly and safer for cyclists of all ages and abilities. The Hoboken Police Department will once again join Bike Hoboken on community bike rides, starting later this month. Officers will offer bike safety education and a safety escort on the monthly rides. 

Bike Hoboken strives to make our streets safe enough for everyone, no matter age or ability to feel comfortable riding their bicycle,” said Bike Hoboken President Chris Adair. “We know protected bike lanes are the safety infrastructure bicyclists need, which is why we continually advocate for them. In the interim, we hope that car drivers will be extra vigilant and go a little slower to accommodate people on bicycles and on foot.”  

By celebrating bicycle safety during National Bicycle Safety Month, Hoboken is taking an important step towards creating a safer and more bike-friendly city. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or new to biking, there’s always something to learn about staying safe on the roads. So get out your bikes, hit the streets, and enjoy the beautiful weather while staying safe and aware!