Hoboken Council Candidate Ed Reep Advocates for Rent Control and Parking Solutions



Hoboken, NJ – Ed Reep hopes to win the 3rd Ward Council seat in November’s Hoboken election. He will have to defeat longtime Councilman Michael Russo in order to do so. In an exclusive interview with Hudson TV, Reep discussed his views on some of the most pressing issues facing the city, including rent control and parking.


The Rent Crisis

Reep, a data analyst by profession, emphasized the need for rent control, particularly in non-rent-controlled buildings. He cited instances where tenants have experienced rent increases of up to 20-30%, forcing them out of their homes. Reep advocates for local municipal legislation to limit “unconscionable” rent increases, similar to measures taken by the city of Newark.

Parking Woes

On the issue of parking, Reep believes that the city should not “torment car owners” and should focus on reclaiming street parking. He also expressed skepticism about projects that seek variances to avoid providing parking, stating that such variances should not be allowed.

Vision Zero Critique

Reep also had strong opinions on Vision Zero, a traffic safety initiative. He criticized the program for claiming credit for safety improvements that might have occurred anyway and for not considering economic trade-offs.

Pet Owners Deserve a Voice

Another issue that came up during the campaign was the need for pet owners to have a voice in the city council. Reep, although not a pet owner himself, believes that pet owners are a significant constituency that politicians need to recognize.

For more information on Ed Reep’s campaign, visit Edward Reep Website.