Photo Credits: City of Hoboken

The Little League Field in Stevens Park in Hoboken which overlooks Manhattan has been completely renovated and dedicated.  City youngsters will certainly love the state of the art facility as they turn double plays and knock in runs.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the City unveiled the newly renovated “Sergeant William Fesken Memorial Field” at Stevens Park on Saturday.  The Mayor, alongside local officials and Little League and RBI Softball participants, ceremoniously cut the ribbon following the opening day parade of the Hoboken Little League and RBI Softball League. 

         The renovations include several upgrades aimed at providing the community with reliable, recreational facilities, including the removal of the existing turf, which was replaced with a new, synthetic turf field designed to optimize durability for infield and outfield performance. The new field under drains and drainage inlets have been installed, providing better water management and field preservation. 

According to Mayor Bhalla, “As the birthplace of the first organized game of baseball, the revitalization of Sergeant William Fesken Memorial Field not only honors our heritage but also reaffirms our commitment to providing top-tier recreational facilities for residents of all ages.  The newly renovated field will help us continue to foster a vibrant and active community for years to come.”

Improvements to the field also include the replacement of the backstop fence, pitching mound, new outdoor batting cages and dugouts, enhancing both safety and functionality.

The outfield also has new fencing, netting, and gates, while new walkways offer improved accessibility throughout the facility.     

There’s also a new wireless scoreboard which has been installed along with electrical site upgrades to support modern amenities.