Hoboken Fire Department Partners with Paramus For Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

The Hoboken Fire Department has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Paramus Fire Department to facilitate the maintenance and repair of its fire vehicles. This strategic partnership aims to optimize resources and improve operational efficiency in vehicle maintenance for Hoboken until the end of 2023.

Under the shared service agreement, the Paramus Fire Department will provide maintenance and repair services for the fire vehicles of the Hoboken Fire Department. This includes routine inspections, servicing, and necessary repairs to ensure that the vehicles are in optimal working condition.

Paramus will charge Hoboken a rate of $85 per hour for maintenance services during normal business hours. For services rendered after regular business hours, the rate will be $125 per hour. These rates have been agreed upon to ensure fair and cost-effective maintenance support for Hoboken’s fire vehicles.

By leveraging the expertise and facilities of the Paramus Fire Department, Hoboken aims to streamline its vehicle maintenance operations and achieve cost savings. The collaboration allows for efficient resource allocation, as Paramus will dedicate personnel and equipment specifically for the maintenance of Hoboken’s fire vehicles.

The shared service agreement recognizes the importance of maintaining reliable fire vehicles for effective emergency response. By partnering with Paramus, Hoboken ensures that its fleet receives timely and expert attention, minimizing downtime and maximizing readiness.

The collaboration between the Hoboken Fire Department and Paramus Fire Department exemplifies the spirit of interagency cooperation. This partnership not only addresses Hoboken’s immediate vehicle maintenance needs but also establishes a foundation for potential future collaborations between neighboring municipalities.

Residents of Hoboken can have confidence in the quality of their fire vehicles, as the shared service agreement with Paramus guarantees professional maintenance and repair until the conclusion of 2023. The joint efforts of both departments, with transparent rates of $85 per hour during normal business hours and $125 per hour after regular business hours, will enhance the overall capabilities and readiness of the Hoboken Fire Department, ultimately benefiting the community it serves.

Hoboken is one of several municipalities sharing this service with Paramus. In Hudson County, West New York, East Newark, and Harrison also have shared services agreements for the mechanic service in Paramus.