Hoboken Food Pantry Announces Changes For TODAY’S Family2Family Distribution

This morning’s (Tuesday, January 4) Hoboken Food Pantry, bimonthly, Family2Family distribution of items will take place from 9 am until 11 am at 1301 Washington Street.  Because of the rise in positive COVID cases, the food pantry has announced TEMPORARY CHANGES TO THE FAMILY2FAMILY PROGAM.

A limited list of items will be available this morning.  The items will be bagged by workers and provided to the public OUTSIDE of the building to ensure safety protocols.  No members of the public will be allowed inside of the pantry.

The limited list of items available today include:

  • child diapers and pull ups
  • razors
  • formula
  • shaving cream
  • baby wipes
  • bar soap
  • adult diapers
  • detergent
  • period products
  • toilet paper
  • antibacterial wipes