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Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has announced that the city has launched the Housing Improvement Program (HIP).   The initiative is aimed at supporting low-to-moderate income residents in making essential repairs to their homes. The program is made possible through funding from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and is designed to empower eligible residents to address critical repair needs within their homes, ensuring the safety and well-being of Hoboken community members.

Qualified applicants may receive up to $24,000 in repair funding, which will be provided as a no-interest, 10-year forgivable loan. These funds can be utilized for a variety of major systems that require replacement or substantial repair, including roofs, foundations, heating, electrical, windows, insulation, plumbing, and other essential components of a home.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must be residents of Hoboken, and their total gross annual household income must fall below the income limit for their household size. Income limits are updated annually.

Current income limits:

  • Households of one: income limited to $67,431 per year.
  • Households of two: income limited to $77,064 per year.
  • Households of three: income limited to $86,697 per year.
  • Households of four: income limited to $96,329 per year.
  • Households of five: income limited to $104,036 per year.
  • Households of six: income limited to $111,742 per year.
  • Households of seven: income limited to $119,449 per year.
  • Households of eight: income limited to $127,155 per year.

Both owner-occupied and renter-occupied units may be eligible for the program if the occupants of the units are income-eligible.

“Affordable housing is the bedrock of a strong community, and the Housing Improvement Program underscores our dedication to ensuring that all residents, regardless of income, can maintain safe and secure homes,” said Mayor Bhalla. “It is imperative that we foster an inclusive community by preserving our affordable housing stock and supporting our lifelong residents and the Housing Improvement Program is a proactive step towards providing tangible assistance.”

Funds for the Housing Improvement Program are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The application process is now open, and interested individuals are encouraged to apply online athttps://hip.cgph.net/hoboken-housing-improvement-program/.

For more information about the Housing Improvement Program, or for help applying due to lack of internet access, call (609)664-2769 Ext. 9.