Hoboken Police Chief Ferrante Announces Retirement Effective July 1

Serving as Chief of the Hoboken Police Department during both the Zimmer and Bhalla Administrations, Chief Kenneth Ferrante announced in an email today that he will be retiring on July 1 after becoming Chief in 2014.  Ferrante has been a police officer for 28 years.  Prior to becoming Chief, Ferrante also served two years as Hoboken’s Office of Emergency Management Coordinator.

“I just got done having a meeting with Mayor Bhalla and then my Command staff, as well as calls with Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez and Hoboken Business Administrator Jason Freeman,” said Ferrante, in an email to media. “Today I have applied for retirement, effective July 1, 2021.”

During his time leading the force, Hoboken has seen a transformation in both policing policy and responsibilities.  The Chief stated, “I have proudly served this city and loved every second of it. In fact, my father Retired Captain Fred Ferrante and I served for a combined 60 plus years at the HPD.  For the past 9 years, I have not disconnected from work, not one day and my command staff knows that is not an exaggeration. Over 3000 days straight where every single day I spoke to my command staff and answered emails and calls.  The major changes in law enforcement occurring over these next 6 months (i.e. Body Cams, Marijuana Legalization, Juvenile Justice Reform, Use of Force reboot, Motor Vehicle Pursuit reboot, Police Licensing) needs someone who can dedicate the next several years in ensuring those changes happen as best as possible.”

Mayor Ravi Bhalla issued the following statement upon learning of Chief Ferrante’s impending retirement:

“Over the past seven years, Chief Kenneth Ferrante has demonstrated a commitment to the City of Hoboken and to the profession of law enforcement that has been second to none. The greatest achievement of any Police Chief is to leave a community safer than when they came into the position, and that is precisely what Chief Ferrante has accomplished.

I’m perhaps most grateful to Chief Ferrante for his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve Hoboken residents during the unprecedented COVID-19 global health crisis. It was during this time that his true leadership was on full display, serving as a critical partner to my administration at a time that his City needed him the most. His steady hand and crisis management skills allowed Hoboken to stay a step ahead from the very beginning. I’ll be forever grateful for his partnership during that time.

Beyond the pandemic, Chief Ferrante wrote the playbook for a department reflecting modern, community-based policing, provided more transparency as Police Chief than any other department in the state, and enacted policies resulting in lower crime statistics in virtually every major category compared to seven years ago when he took the job. I sincerely thank Chief Ferrante for all he has done for our City, and wish him well in his next steps.”

Nearly one year ago, Chief Ferrante had his contract renewed amid a contentious Council debate heading into a Mayoral election year.  Ultimately, the Council unanimously approved the contract renewal.

No word has leaked as of yet as to whom might be in line to replace Chief Ferrante.  In closing, the Chief added, with pride, “”I feel our department has had a very successful 7 years and there is nothing left to accomplish for me personally. From the crime rates, to the arrests rates, to forming the ESU Unit, Waterfront/Parks, Drone Team, to the most important statistic NOT ONE PENNY paid in any civil liability during my tenure, as well as the many other changes over the past seven years. This was a teamwork accomplishment with the combination of the work by me, my Command Staffs, and all of you, and those who have retired in the last seven years.”