The Hoboken Senior Center celebrated its grand reopening at noon on Thursday with a senior BBQ after being closed for the past 14 months as the city continues to reopen.  Excited seniors and Frank Sinatra tunes filled the room as plates of hot dogs and hamburgers were given out to each table.  Mayor Ravi Bhalla was in attendance and addressed the crowd as the festivities began.

“I’m usually a reserved, calm person but, you know, I’m excited today and I am standing here to officially announce, to the public and to everyone, that the city of Hoboken is back”

Mayor Bhalla also noted that 95% of all senior citizens in Hoboken had received at least one of their covid-19 vaccination shots, success he attributed to “a combination of residents understanding the importance of vaccinations in order to protect [themselves and others] and the proactive efforts by the city to educate the community about why it’s important to be vaccinated.”

Bingo night at the Senior Center will make it’s return on Monday, June 1st as the center begins to resume regular activities.