Hoboken To Begin Installation of Automated Flood Warning System

Tropical Storm Ophelia Hoboken

The City of Hoboken will begin the installation of automated flood barricades at six flood-prone intersections next week. The new barricades will help protect residents by automatically deploying to block flooded roads during heavy rain events to prevent drivers from traveling through flood waters.

The solar-powered barricades and associated warning signage will improve the City’s emergency response to severe weather events reducing the time between when flood waters are reported, and wooden barricades are deployed. The new barricades will deploy when sensors within nearby catch basins detect floodwaters, which will also allow the City to monitor water levels in real-time.

Over the next two months, the City will install the automated barricades at the following intersections:

  • Newark Street and Garden Street
  • Harrison Street and Second Street
  • Marshall Street and First Street
  • Jackson Street and Third Street
  • Fourth Street and Monroe Street
  • Willow Street and Eighth Street

The City will also install manual gates at Observer Highway and Park Avenue, Second Street and Willow Avenue, and First Street and Clinton Street as well as floodwater monitoring sensors at Newark Street and Park Avenue, Second Street and Clinton Street, First Street and Harrison Street, Fourth Street and Jackson Street, and Seventh Street and Willow Avenue.

This project was funded with American Rescue Plan funding at no impact to the municipal budget.

For more information on the automated flood warning system, go to www.hobokennj.gov/resources/flood-warning-system.

For weekly construction updates on the project, go to www.hobokennj.gov/construction.