Hoboken to Re-Open Basketball Courts, Yoga & Pilates Studios

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has announced some recreational updates for city residents.  Specifically, there is news regarding several of the city’s basketball courts, as well as guidelines from the Governor’s Office pertaining to yoga and pilates classes.

Here is what the Mayor had to say on both topics:

Basketball courts

With Governor Murphy signing an executive order permitting competition for various sports to resume, including basketball, we are going to temporarily re-open our outdoor basketball courts at Church Square Park and Elysian Park starting Wednesday morning. The following rules and regulations will be in effect:

  • No more than 10 people total on a court at once
  • Everyone who is waiting to play must wear a face mask, and must enter and leave the basketball courts wearing a face mask
  • Everyone should bring their own beverages
  • When coming to practice or shoot around, please bring your own basketball
  • Bring sanitizer, if available to the courts

I ask those playing to please follow these regulations and social distance whenever possible to protect the health and safety of everyone around them.


Yoga and pilates studios permitted to open with face mask requirement

Yesterday, Governor Murphy’s staff followed up with me directly to let me know that our health department can permit yoga and pilates studios to open at 25% capacity indoors, with social distancing of at least six feet at all times. Previously, our legal counsel, Office of Emergency Management and Health Department interpreted the Governor’s Executive Order 157 as preventing yoga and pilates studios from re-opening at 25%. The Governor’s legal counsel advised that yoga and pilates studios that are not considered Health Clubs can re-open at 25% of their current assessed occupancy, as long as social distancing can be observed.

All participants and instructors in the indoor yoga and pilates studios, according to guidelines provided by the Governor’s office, must wear face masks at all times indoors, with exceptions for those under 2 years of age, and unless wearing a mask inhibits your health for a specific reason.

To also facilitate safe, socially distanced outdoor workouts, we are permitting and strongly encouraging yoga and pilates studios, along with all gyms and fitness clubs to continue utilizing City fields and parks. Outdoors, face masks are not required when working out with fitness classes if social distancing of at least six feet is maintained.


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