Hoboken University Medical Center Implements Evacuation Plan in Response to Water Main Break

HOBOKEN, NJ – Hoboken University Medical Center has announced its strategic and coordinated evacuation plan in response to the ongoing water main break that has affected water pressures city-wide. The hospital’s administration has decided to proceed with the evacuation plan to ensure optimal safety for patients and staff within the hospital.

While there is no immediate threat to life or safety within the hospital, the hospital administration has taken this measure to ensure preparedness for any possible contingencies as the situation evolves. The Emergency Room remains open for life-threatening issues, but the hospital will remain on EMS diversion until water is restored.

The hospital is working closely with local emergency responders and other healthcare facilities in the area to coordinate patient transfers and ensure continuity of care. Hoboken University Medical Center would like to reassure the public that patient care remains its top priority and it will continue to provide the highest level of care possible during this challenging time.

The hospital thanks the community for its understanding and support as it works to ensure the safety of all patients and staff. For further updates, please visit the hospital website, Instagram, or Facebook.