Hoboken’s Gun Buyback Program Removes 160+ Firearms, Exceeds Expectations

160 firearms removed by Hoboken’s gun buyback program, exceeding expectations and marking a significant step in the city’s efforts to reduce gun violence.The City of Hoboken collected a total of 166 firearms during its successful gun buyback event on Saturday, June 22. The program, aimed at reducing the potential for gun violence in and around Hoboken, was hosted by the Hoboken Police Department at their headquarters.Residents were invited to voluntarily surrender up to three firearms, with no questions asked, in exchange for cash payments of up to $350 per weapon. The funding for the program came from the American Rescue Plan.The collected firearms included:

  • 77 Rifles/Shotguns
  • 72 Handguns (semi-automatic/revolver)
  • 10 Illegal Weapons (handgun/assault rifle/sawed-off shotgun)
  • 7 Inoperable Weapons/other

Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante noted that the gun buyback exceeded all expectations. He emphasized that even collecting one gun would have been significant, as it would mean one less potential weapon in the community that could be stolen, used in a crime, or accidentally found and fired by a child.Police Chief Steven Aguiar acknowledged that while ending gun violence entirely may not be possible, it is crucial to make every effort to remove illegal and unwanted guns from the community. He commended his team for organizing a smooth, successful, and safe event in this important endeavor to prevent senseless violence and tragedies.

The gun buyback program was announced in May, following the fatal shooting of former Hoboken High School two-sport star Damon Murray in April. The event was part of a broader initiative to address gun violence and engage youth in meaningful programs to prevent future tragedies.

This successful gun buyback demonstrates Hoboken’s commitment to public safety and serves as a proactive measure in the ongoing effort to reduce gun violence in the community.



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